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Ain’t nobody got time for nasty cramps, excessive bleeding, mood swings or crazy food cravings that drive you to eating the entire pantry. We all want a healthy, balanced cycle. But how do supplements support this, and which ones are best?

Supplements are not a ‘quick fix’ for your cycle,
or any health challenge for that matter

You can’t just take a supplement and expect it to fix a problem overnight. That’s far from why I suggest nutritional products to my clients, friends and family in the first place.

Supplements are about supplying your body with what it needs – vitamins, minerals and antioxidants – to achieve balance. In this case, ‘balance’ means a cycle without debilitating cramps, heavy bleeding, skin breakouts and the other various cycle signs of hormonal imbalance that too many women believe are normal (won’t go off on that rant today).

Important: Supplements are also not a replacement for food. You can take all of the highest quality and best supplements in the world, but if you’re still eating junk and other processed foods all day, you’re not going to feel (or see) the results you’re actually craving for.

That being said, good quality nutritional products (aka supplements) can actually enhance the absorption of the real, whole foods that you’re eating. I always say that nutritional products and food go hand-in-hand to supporting each other, especially when their both great quality.Kind of like fuel for your car, cheap ethanol may work for a time being but what is the long term effect of the cheaper fuel for your car? Same can be said for cheaper fuel (food and supplements) for your body.


What to look for…
How to find high quality nutritional products (supplements)

When it comes to picking a nutritional product, you need to understand how to choose one that will best support your body. There’s no point at spending money on products that aren’t going to help at all so to get the most bang for your buck, make sure that any supplement you use is:

  • Pharmaceutical graded / manufactured, NOT just food graded. This means that there what is on the label of a pharmaceutically graded product guaranteed to be in the bottle, 100% transparency. Food Standard on the other hand is not required to be 100%, nor is it tested to prove that it’s 100% transparent. Food Graded is what you find at your baker or butcher and is the same for 97% of supplements on the market in Australia/New Zealand. So if you’re spending money on using products PLEASE make sure they’re 100% pharmaceutically manufactured to a pharmaceutical standard. FYI this has nothin to do the the ‘pharmaceutical industry’ but like a drug MUST show everything on the table, nutritional made to a food standard, well they DON’T HAVE to show everything on the label. So pharmaceutical standard is the way to go! Always!
  • Formulated by scientists, not just marketers! This ensures the product comes from a science backing and formulation to back it up how they say it benefits your health, plus it’s generally always a much higher quality too, like I mentioned above.
  • Focused on high bio-availability and absorption. It doesn’t matter if it has a higher dose of a nutrient if that nutrient isn’t in a form that can be easily absorbed!
  • And an additional bonus is also if the product is recommended by other industry / science experts – not just the brand itself or their paid influencers.

As a bonus, look for products that also offer a money-back guarantee. Why? Because it means that company is putting their money where their mouth is! (even if you’ve used half the bottle)


4 Daily Supplements that Support You & Your Cycle

I strongly believe in the benefit of co-partner nutrients – that’s supplements (nutritional products) supporting food and food supporting supplements. It’s why I use nutritional’s everyday and they both hugely contributed to me overcoming PCOS and Leaky Gut.

Whether you’re using nutritional already on a daily basis or not this will be useful for you.

My top recommendations for supplements to support a balanced cycle (and balanced health) year found. They’re also my non-negotiable and I use each of these every day myself:

1. Multivitamin

Regardless of where you’re at with your cycle signs, a multivitamin can support your entire overall health. A high-quality multivitamin includes everything your body needs at a base level.

Think of this as a foundation for your house. If you’ve got a solid concrete slab, you’ve got a good foundation to build on, and things are less likely to fall apart in the near or far future.

The multivitamin I use daily


2. Mercury-free Fish Oil

Fish oil is one of the best sources of the essential nutrient omega-3. It is fantastic for everything – hormones, skin health, digestion, digestion, inflammation and bloating are just some examples. Most people don’t consume enough omega-3’s through food to reap the therapeutic benefits of omega-3 fatty acids, so a fish oil supplement is a good addition to ensure you’re getting what you need.

When choosing a fish oil, it’s important to always go for a mercury-free option. You don’t want to put extra toxins in your body when you’re trying to improve your health! It’s like adding fire to a fire that you’re trying to put out, just doesn’t make sense. Plus it’s also beneficial if it’s formatted with a fat soluble vitamin to support it’s absorbency (aka make’s it more absorbable).

The Fish Oil product I use daily


3. Magnesium & Calcium

Two essential minerals for the nervous, skeletal and muscular systems are magnesium and calcium. Not to mention fantastic additional support for Adrenals in removing adrenalin raising substances from your body. If you don’t have enough of one or both of these nutrients, it can potentially lead to more pain and cramping during your menstruation as well as in other times of your cycle. Fantastic for those with Endometriosis!

These are best used during your Inner Autumn, prior to menstruation. They can be beneficial for those who experience cramps, bloating, endometriosis and PCOS to improve your overall balance while bleeding in Inner Winter.

The Calcium + Magnesium product I use daily


4. Grapeseed Extract & Vitamin C

Grapeseed extract combined with vitamin C is fantastic for supporting the balance of your whole endocrine system, and can also assist with skin challenges such as acne and scaring.

I’ve found that these work particularly well for women with PCOS, endometriosis or fibroids. Was a big go to for me during PCOS healing. The combo between the potent antioxidants of grape seed extract and vitamin C also aids in reducing inflammation and support immunity. Woot Woot double win!

The Grapeseed + Vitamin C product I use daily


5. Probiotic

A healthy digestive tract supports optimal absorption, elimination and hormone balance. To make your gut happy and healthy, you need plenty of good bacteria. That’s where a probiotic comes in.

Yes it’s great to consume fermented foods and drinks (both something I do myself) however it’s important to know that the bacteria strains between these and pharmaceutically graded probiotics differ widely. For me, these products were the first probiotics I used in over 6 years that actually worked and changed my bloating for good!

The two bacteria strains in the probiotic that I use, and that I’ve found to be the most beneficial are a unique 50/50 mixture of two of the most studied probiotic bacteria strains: Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis (BB-12®) and Lactobacillus rhamnosus(LGG®). These bacteria are similar to the Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus that are part of a natural gut flora (primarily found in the colon). Dozens of studies on these strains have demonstrated benefits for digestive health and immunity.

The Probiotic product I use daily

One size does not fit all

It’s important to be aware that every woman has a different state of balance, and therefore may require different nutrients, different products and in different quantities to aid in bringing them back to balance and you beautiful are no different. What you require is completely different to the person next to you, even if you have the same signs or condition. (even if youre an identical twin)

Your lifestyle, metabolism, digestion and health goals all make a difference when it comes to what to take and how much to take.

That’s why I offer a free 20min discovery call – to guide you in the right direction for your specific case.

Interested in learning what nutritionals in what quantities would best support you in your budget? Schedule yourself a Free Health Discovery Call via the form on this webpage and let’s map out a plan together.

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