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I highly recommend Well School to anyone interested in learning more about our amazing bodies and becoming your healthiest selves. Jema is an amazing soul with a wealth of knowledge and wisdom on all things health and wellness. The weekly group coaching sessions were super informative and jam-packed full of useful tips and plenty of ‘a-ha’ moments. As a result I have a better understanding of my body, how to nurture and heal myself from the inside out and a greater awareness of what my body is telling me it needs. Completing Well School has enabled me to make simple changes to my lifestyle and way of thinking when it comes to food, assisting me on my journey to optimal health. Thanks Jema!

Alison L. ~ Sydney, NSW

I’ve said this before, and I’m bound to say this many more times, everyone needs Well School in their life!

Jema’s approach to health, while comprehensive and holistic, is SIMPLE and CLEAR. She helps you unblock old patterns of behaviour you didn’t even realise you had. You gain so much awareness of how your thoughts, behaviours and patterns are influencing your health. It’s so much more than nutrition. It encompasses the whole person.

The safety and bond of the private Facebook group environment Jema creates is very powerful. The group of Well Schoolers you join creates such an amazing little community, it’s a safe space of girlfriends who’ve allow me to be vulnerable without judgement, and help me on my journey.

I really believe in the work that Jema does. As a health professional myself, if I could pick one person to link all my patients with, it would be Jema. She sees the bigger picture, actually gives a shit, and has handy tips which could help everyone.

Just say YES to Well School! Your future self will thank you for it.
Thank you Jem, for all that you do xx

Lizzy C ~ Mermaid Beach, QLD

It’s been life changing! Jema is a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of health… like… ALL OF THEM. Not just food and Nutrition!
A huge factor for me was that Jema is a GUIDE… she doesn’t do it for us, or force things on us. She delicately shares her knowledge and wisdom to guide us to experience our OWN ‘ah-ha’ moments.

The group support is INSANE. So many times you hear “I fell that too”, or “I’ve experienced that” and it is THE MOST soul warming thing… to hear that other people experience what you do.

We’ve formed such strong, supporting bonds and the way that people who were once complete ‘strangers’ support you in a way no one has ever before. Because we’re CONNECTED through experiences close to our hearts!

Georgia P. ~ South Australia, AUS

I was first introduced to Jema through a friend of mine who believed I would greatly benefit from learning from her, and she was right. I first started watching a few of Jema’s free webinars and loved her teaching style.

This year I decided to take the leap and try Well School. To anyone considering it, I think it is definately worthwhile. I found the program to be highly educational but in simple, relatable and effective ways. It was an holistic approach including dealing with thoughts/beliefs and not just nutrition. The support from the Jema and the other ladies in the group was amazing! You’ll love every part of it!

Mel A. ~ North QLD

Jema is a complete inspiration to all that she meets. She walks her talk, she shines with health and is able to teach her wisdom and knowledge in such an easy to digest way. Jema has the personal experience to truly understand what it takes to achieve wellness on the level of mind, body and spirit. Her holistic approach works perfectly, I can’t recommend Jema highly enough.

Tamika H. ~ Founder of Path of the Goddess

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The little itty bitty details they make me include:

No refunds or transfers on enrollments. This is a limited intake once you’re in, you’re in, and you deserve to be – don’t let self-sabotage get you.  We’ll be teaching you how all about self-sabotage too.
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