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Next Round Starts:

June 2018

For years we’re told that diets make us healthy, gym memberships give us the body we desire. That the next “fad” is the answer – the quick fix to your heart’s desires.

And in a split second, we’re confused, comparing and complaining.

WINTER Round – Starts June 2018

For centuries, we’ve had this innate ability to tune in, listen and know what our body needs to eat, sleep, produce, grow, develop and thrive.

But what went wrong?  Where and why did this stop?

For the first time in history, we’ve become so disconnected from our bodies that we’re losing control.  Control of how fricking amazing we’re designed to feel.  Instead we’re told how we “should” look, how we “should feel  what’s sexy and what’s not.  And we listen because we don’t know there is another way.

And, darling, this could not be any more disconnected from the truth.

Ready to transform your thinking of how you look at your body, how you view food, and what you’ve learnt healthy is?

Join me as I transform your thinking into feeling and guide you to be more in touch with your body than you could ever have imagined.

Join me for 5 weeks filled with ah-ha awakening moments, a lifetime worth of teachings, an abundance of support and love, as well as tools and guides to activate your natural inner health compass.

Gain knowledge
for a lifetime.

What is Well School?

Well School is an online 5-week virtual group coaching program.

Each week we cover different in-depth topics that are the foundations for achieving optimal health and living well.

Living well in your own body isn’t designed to be hard, challenging or frustrating.  We’re designed with amazing bodies, however somewhere along the way, the art of understanding, listning and communicating with our body has been lost.  I’m putting that to a stop!  Over 5 weeks you’ll be guided to new thinking, feeling and understandings of your body and how to reconnect to your inner health guides.

The missing key to living well – self connection!

Every week on our live call we’ll cover a different topic.  You’ll receive tasks that you can do in your own time between calls, along with action steps to help you progress deeper into a transformational journey.

Well School is capped at maximum 10 women to ensure you receive an intimate experience where you’re surrounded by a supportive community that’s right there on the journey with you.

Lasts nights call was so interesting (Week 4). In Well School I thought we’d be learning about food and health stuff but I love the mindset and spiritual connections aspect to our health that you teach/ I particularly found the points about energy & ego beyond fascinating.

Jeanette V.

For anyone who is thinking about working with Jema to achieve their goals please do yourself the hugest favour and just do it!  Jema is awesome and will guide you through this journey with yourself. I’ve learnt so much and have enjoyed every session, and always look forward to the next one.  With each session jammed packed with new, refreshing, enlightening and exciting information to follow on with. I would highly recommend Jema to anyone who wants to turn their health around. Thank you very much Jema.

Kaye G.

I had an amazing session with Jema today! She absolutely knows what she’s talking about, and is very informative and supportive! I definitely recommend catching up with her for a session. There is so much more depth to it than just nutrition. Thank you for helping me and being a part of my journey

Chrysilla O.

What’s Included?


5 x 1.5 hour group coaching sessions with Jema


Be-Well Nutritional/Health Assessment and Questionnaire


Ongoing support in our member only intimate Facebook group, where you can access Jema’s support, knowledge and guidance (plus bonus video’s) between our LIVE sessions


Bonus audio interviews with industry leaders, to add to your Well School experience


Weekly Nourishing Workbooks each week


Weekly BONUS audio classes to tune into between our LIVE calls (yep on top of the coaching sessions)

What We Cover


Week 1:  Well-Life Health Philosophies + Principles
Creating your Healthiest Self foundations


Week 2:  A new Food Thought
Ancient wisdom of food awareness for your individual body


Week 3:  Healing from the Inside Out
How to restore and reconnect with your inner healing wisdom


Week 4:  From Emotional + Igniting Intuitive Eating
Un-patterning our ego’s control over binges, stresses and self-sabotage


Week 5:  Self-Care – it’s not Selfish
How to create a self-care regime for igniting radiance, energy and thriving health

What does it Cost?

It’s an epic deal (I think) – these 5 weeks are jam packed with 11 years of industry experience and
I’ve completely poured my heart into this soul work to make it super valuable and affordable for what you gain.

Once-off payment of $797 AUD (saving $43)

6 debit payments of $140.00 AUD directly debited from your account at the same time each week.

Your first payment acts as your deposit, required to secure your spot.

Here’s what Our Students say

My biggest takeway from week 4 was letting go and not letting the little voice in your head derail you. The stress and sugar thing also resonated with me along with your steps/guides to listening to the signs your body gives you.

Well School is great and super informative. Definitely has made me become more mindful of what I buy, how I plan meals, what I put in my body and how I actually eat. There’s a lot more love around my meals now.

Week 4’s Emotional Eating topic has changed my entire approach to food. I never knew what was coming up for me while I was eating. The tips you guided us through made Christmas & New Years my most self-respected around food ever.

WOW after learning about the importance of the macro’s in week 2 my digestion and poo has completely changed. For the first time in years I have a natural digestive cycle & my bloating has started diminishing within a week!  Thank you Jema.

Oh, did I mention that it’s intimate, meaning
we only take a handful of students?

Join Us in April

June 2018

LIVE Weekly Calls on Tuesday evenings

6:00pm to 7:30pm (Brisbane AEST)

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*All live calls will be recorded and available for replay during the 5 weeks.

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Looking for a reason to tell yourself why you don’t deserve this?
That this isn’t for you?

Or is now your time to put your foot down, commit to you and ignite your health?

Ready to register?  Have questions?

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