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Next Course Start Date:  Early 2020

Craving a deeper inner self connection? This is for you!

Well Woman Supports:

Bloating and Cramps
Period Pain and PMS
Low Energy and Fatigue
Breakouts, Blemishes & Skin Conditions
Irregular Periods
Fibroids and Cysts
Reconnecting with your cycle/period
Coming off the Pill or other birth control



I’m Jema Lee, and I created Well Woman for women like you.

Because I was there too a few years back, PCOS, cysts bloating, cramps and a period was an inconvenience.I felt disconnected, frustrated and craving something I just didn’t know what it was. I knew there had to be a more connected and easily way to be truly healthy. So, I made some BIG health and lifestyle, and now?

I’m handing over my exact easy 3 step system on how I reconnected, rebalanced my health and have helped hundreds of women do the same.

Now it’s your turn!

A guided 6 week journey that will empower you to tune in and create sacred rituals in alignment with your cyclical nature.

What you can expect:
become empowered by your period and LOVE getting your period.
a deeper awareness of, and connection with your body.
more regular and predictable periods – woot woot!
achieve daily balance with your food, and eliminate food confusion and cravings.
reduced breakouts, blemishes to achieve clearer skin.
reduced PMS symptoms, blanaced weight, bloating and cramps.
a completely new understanding of food which ends food confusion and removes restrictions.
improved sleep and new self care practices that don’t take over your life.
a new zest for life with more energy and vitality!
Well Woman is…



Over 12+ hours of immersed group coaching, 

6 weeks of kick-ass community support and accountability,

and a simplified health method that actually works – long term!


Course Start Date:  Early 2020


Payment plan options available

Discover the period secrets they don’t tell you!

Well Woman is for you if …
you dream about the day of having no period pain and PMS riddling your body.
you crave a deeper connection with your body & femininity, but have no idea where to start.
you’re ready to ditch the diets and fads, and live in alignment with your femine body and monthly cycle.
you’re exhausted, frustred and sick of feeling so fatigued in different parts of your cycle.
you dread getting your period, it’s gone walk about, is non-existent or you’re a spotter.
you’ve always avoided your period with birth control and seen it as an inconvenience.
you experience painful flow, period pains, irregular cycles, PCOS, Endometriosis, bloating and PMS.
you experience food cravings, emotional eating and struggle to break these patterns.
you’re planning on having a family, are ready to get in-tune with your body and prepare for a healthy fertility / conception.  (you defintley need this education!)
you’re a mother and want to be the best role model for your family, including being able to support them nutritionally, emotionally and through puberty.
you feel an inner calling, a ‘HELL YEAH’ to do this work!

What our Well Woman say:

“Well Woman is an Ab-so-lute must for all women, period. This program teaches women how to understand, embrace, and LOVE their bodies, inside and out. And I’m so glad and honoured to have been part this program and I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve taught me, Jema!” – Alyssa, Perth Aus
“I have really enjoyed Well Woman and love love love how Jema taught us to understand and accept our bodies, and that it’s not normal to have crazy pms symptoms like we’re to often taught to accept. So thank you for allowing me to tune into my body and to learn to step back when my body is giving me little signs.” ~ Nicolette, Gold Coast Aus
“In my 40’s Well Woman has taught me knowledge I clearly didn’t have. Jema brought it with a lot of openness, honesty and loads of fun. She really brought our cycles to life with all of her analogies. Loved learning about each phase and the moon cycles. The workbooks + handouts are fantastic guides, and I absolutely loved the interactions and stories from all the ladies in the program. Thank you Jema for sharing and creating a safe place to do so.” – Nicolette, Gold Coast Aus

What’s included:


Weekly Classes

Self paced weekly classes you can tune in and listen to in your own time. 6 x Live recorded classes to educate, inform and inspire your growth and transformation.
Plus 2 x Bonus LIVE Q&A’s.

In-Depth Education

Education on how to get you to the roots of your symptoms, your 4 inner seasons within your cycle, including ancestral womb cycle teachings, and how to bring this sacred knowledge and apply it into your modern life.


Receive step-by-step guidance for each day of your cycle, from how to move your body, ideal foods, emotions to be aware of and the nutrients required to rebalance your cycle and hormones.

Guides & Tools

Weekly you’ll receive simple action steps and class workbooks to support your journey. Including; Cycle Guides, Menstrual Map & Cycle Journal prompts. Plus one for you and your romantic partner.


Become part of a like minded community of women who are right there beside you on this journey, every step of the way.

24/7 Support

We know that the journey in getting to know your body can be confronting and vulnerable at times. It’s why throughout the program we offer 24/7 support in our private program only Facebook Group.

Join our community and,
Become empowered by your period


What you’ll Learn:

In-depth about each of the 4 Cycle Phases as well as the 4 Ancestral Inner Seasons of your monthly cycle.
The Yin and Yang elements associated with your period. The common emotions felt and expressed during each week of your cycle. As well as how to use these to your advantage rather than letting them control your life. (Hello happy hormones dance!)
How to journal and track/chart your monthy cycle both with and without the moon.
Easy to process methods to un-patterning our ego’s control over binges, stresses and self-sabotage.
Detailed awareness of ancient health philosophies, food principles and guide to navigating your way through and around food labels and packaged food.
How to restore and reconnect with your inner healing wisdom, activate your senses and detoxify your body to balance.
What foods to eat in each phase of your cycle to specifically support your body, hormones and skin. Including guidance on food cravings and how to achieving your optimal weight balance.
A deeper understanding of your Reproductive System and how to get it working in your favour – in a way you’ll actually remember – so it doesn’t control your life.
How to reduce and heal breakouts, blemishes & other skin conditions. And get your natural glow back!
How to educate and guide your romantic partner to understanding where you are in your cycle so they can support you throughout each of the 4 phases of your monthly flow.  #relationshipgoals
Optimising your individual monthly cycle rituals and techniques to connect you with your inner goddess and femininity!
Well Woman has taught me…

Messages from our Well Woman alumni

Well Woman

“How to love my body every day of my cycle, to nourish it and give it what it needs at certain times of each phase.”  Kylie

Well Woman

“How I can actually be EXCITED to get my period now.
Whaaaat! If you would have told me 7 weeks ago that this would happen, I would have laughed in your face.”  Alyssa

Well Woman

“How to me accept and embrace slowing down and allowing my body to rest during the phases it needs rest, something I never thought I’d be able to do because I have such a “go, go, go” mentality.”  Eliza

“How to have a much better understanding of why I crave certain foods at different times of my cycle. I finally feel more in tune with my cycle & what my body is asking for.”  Lauren

Well Woman

“To view my cycle as a full circle, not just bleeding but the other 3 phases and that they all play an important part too.” Jayde

Well Woman

“That it’s ok to listen to my body and give it what it needs in each season. And that food and movement look different in each stage of my cycle. I always wondered why I felt like at different times and un energetic… and now I know.” Alyssia

Well Woman

“To give my body permission, to tune in and listen to what it needs when it needs it and know that they will look different at each phase of my cycle, which is beautiful!” Nicole

Well Woman

“How to balance my health within each phases & safely get off hormonal birth control. (Something I’ve wanted to do for years! YAY!!!)”  Danni

Discover your period is much more than an inconvenience


What is the Well Woman Course?

Well Woman is a 6 week online course and community for women craving a simplified health method that empowers connecting with their body and teaches them how to gain control of their life, sustainably.
You see darling we’ve been doing it all wrong, the food, the exercise, the mood swings, the PMS… and it’s no wonder we avoid our periods like an inconvenient plague – we’re confused, disconnect and over it. You’re not alone, and all that can stop here! Today marks the day that you say YES to yourself and YES to becoming aware of how your body actually works, so that you can reclaim your vibrant radiance all month long.

At Well Woman we believe that achieve balance doesn’t have to be complicated or hard work. In fact, we believe that by simply implementing easy do-able health methods with out restrictions actually empowers connection with your body, so you can reclaim your flow and gain control of your life.

You’ve had enough – and this is your answer!

The Well Woman easy 3-step-system provides easy step-by-step guide’s and support to reconnecting you with your body through live weekly classes, downloadable workbooks and kick-ass community. You’ll learn how to embrace ancestral teachings, eat in sync with your monthly cycle, finally live in harmony, move in tune throughout your life so you radiate.

Course Start Date:  Early 2020

A note from our Alumni:

“Gaining this cycle awareness has helped me to realise how beautiful our feminine bodies are, and how when we are connected and in-tune, we naturally flow. I think every woman deserves to delve into learning about their cyclical health to help them understand and appreciate just how insanely incredible our bodies are, and Well Woman is the way to do it!”  Lily

*Payment plan option available


How strict do I need to be during the program? Well Woman has no restrictions, diets, or limitations. Rather we teach you how to allow your body to gauge your own flow, how to reconnect with yourself and you get to intuitively determine what you do and don’t do with our guiding support.

How does it work? It starts with you saying YES to your beautiful self!  You deserve this course.  Once you’re registered you’ll receive a welcome email and soon be added to our private Facebook group. From here you’ll join us within the group and for our weekly live classes.

Will it help me? With 12+ years experience in the health industry, 6 years coaching over  4 of which spent teaching ancestral health I have seen these exact teachings and principles you’ll be receiving work with hundreds of women successfully.  While I can’t guarantee that it “will help you”, I can assure you that if you implement the Well Woman protocols consistently yes they can contribute to helping you in working towards your goals.

So, what exactly do I get when I enroll today? When you enroll today, you’ll get immediate access to your getting started guide and the BONUS workshop classes to access and listen to before we start on Week 1. Then in the week leading up to our start date you’ll receive access to the private Facebook program community, where all of the course program content, call links, guides, worksbookes and lots more will be found. Each week is full of videos, worksheets, and checklists designed to help you get the best results in the shortest amount of time. Yep you’ll start noticing changes within just a couple of weeks!

I’m super busy, but I still want to join – how many hours does this require? Per week it’s encourage to allow 2+ hours at least to tune into our audio classes, complete your workbooks, use your tools, and participate within our Facebook group community. Well Woman was created to work into your life.

Have a personal question. or one that’s not answered here I’d love to hear from you.
Please email me here

How is this course delivered? The program is entirely delivered via private Facebook group and direct emails to your Inbox weekly. Within the group you will receive call links to join our Live Q&A Zoom Classes. In the group you’ll also receive all downloads, class replays, community interaction and step-by-step support.

I’m not on Facebook can I still join? Yes you can however please note that by not being connected with the Facebook group this does mean you miss out on the Community Experience and regular day to day posts. Rather via email you’ll receive all downloads and Call links, as well as replay’s.

I don’t have a 28 day cycle – it’s shorter, longer, erratic. Can I still join? Definitely. Well Woman will equip you with the tools you need to learn how to get your cycle back on track and how to have your life tune in with your cycle. You’ll love the course!

I experience one of the following; PCOS, Cysts, Endometriosis, Fibroids, infertility, Thyroid or Liver challenges, hormonal imbalances. Can I take this program? Absolutely you can, this program is ideal for you. While we don’t treat any health imbalances directly we do teach you in depth about your female body, feminine energy and give you a completely new understanding of your menstural cycle. Clients who experience the above health challenges have found the teachings of Well Woman transformative.

How does the Split Payment option work? Your initial payment is concidered your first payment that secures your enrolment. The remaining the remaining payments will account as specified on the checkout page.

What currency does the price display? All prices are displayed in AUD, and include GST.

What if I enrol and change my mind? As an online enterprise all of your payments—including deposits, trials, coaching or course payments are non-refundable. Why? I don’t sell tea towel… click here to read out Refund Policy.

Get to know you cycle and
re-establish your health.

Feedback from Well Woman Alumni

” Well Woman has changed my life. I know that sounds cheesy, but I swear it has made me feel like I’M finally in control of my life completely – my emotions and physical feelings – at every stage of every month of every year moving forward. For as long as I can remember, I felt so trapped in my own emotions. I would feel so good/happy one week and then so low/sad other weeks, and I didn’t know why. I thought there was something wrong with me and surely other “normal” people didn’t experience the same thing. Now I realise that I actually am normal and those “cycle signs” that caused me so much pain don’t have to be a part of my life. Sooo many other women out there need this program Jema, to realise that there is a better way to go through life! ”
Alyssa ~ Perth, AUS

” Hey Jema, I just want to say a massive massive THANK YOU for sharing this program with us! I feel so privileged to have been a part of Well Woman… it’s safe to say that this program has changed my life and helped me so much in embracing being a woman.

Well Woman has really helped me to FINALLY receive guidance in how best to honour and care for my body and my cycle (perfectly syncing with WellSchool!) and has taken away so much of my frustration of feeling like it’s a guessing game. Literally all of the information has been useful and I’ve noticed myself checking in with my cycle everyday. Heck – I never thought I’d feel so empowered by my period!!
I especially LOVED the download guides – these are life changers and have really helped me to find some guidance in how best to honour and care for my body without the guessing game. My journey is just beginning as I flow with the moon cycle for the moment, i just wish that I had this information years ago instead of being so reliant on the pill! ”
Alycia ~ Brisbane, AUS

” Jema’s passion for empowering women to get to know their periods, body’s and flow through her moon cycle teachings is astounding. Her love for what she does is infectious and makes you want to continue to learn more and further discover your unique body. Since applying Jema’s teachings I’ve become the observer of my body, my mind and my emotions. I now know how to best nourish my mind, body and soul by listening simply listening and connecting it with what it needs. My entire perspective on health has shifted for the better. Do yourself a favour, and say yes to yourself! Taking this journey with Jema has been the best thing I ever could of done for my health. ”
Melissa ~ North Queensland, AUS

” I love working with Jema! The last few months have been about getting in touch with my body and my cycle. My favourite part has been learning how our cycles sync with the seasons. Learning how each phase of our cycles, has different “seasonal needs”. This has made it easier to listen to my body give it what it needs. This journey hormonally is only just beginning, and I cannot wait to see how great I feel as my body learns to re-sync after years on the pill! ”
Lizzy ~ Gold Coast, AUS

” It’s safe to say that this program has changed my life and helped me so much in embracing being a woman. I just wish that I had this information years ago instead of being so reliant on the pill! Can’t believe it, but I look forward to getting my period for the first time in my life. You’ll love this program!!! ”
Jade ~ Sydney, AUS

” I am so glad that I invested time and money into Jema’s great programs. I have been on different contraceptions since I was 16. A long time to be messing around with my natural cycle. Well Woman has given me the confidence to know my body and track my cycles as a form of contraception. I used to hate having my period and this past year I have really been feeling that I just want a period to feel like a normal woman – Now I love having my period!

Getting to know the cycle signs was life changing for me as I always use to be sometimes more energised, tied, moody, bloated etc. but didn’t know when these emotions and moods were coming up and how much they confused me about my body.
Well Woman has helped me understand my body and the flow of our emotions through the month which has given me more understanding and kindness towards my self. I now see how incredible our bodies are and how powerful we can be if we simply know our bodies and look after our selfs. My health is the best it has ever been in my adult life since working with Jema. I have now had 4 normal periods since coming off the marina. WellSchool along with WellWoman is the perfect pair of programs to help woman understand their bodies. I would recommend doing both programs to get a good understanding of overall health and if you would like to go even more in depth do the 1 to 1 coaching as well!
What I like the most about Jema is that she does’t write diets or fitness programs, she teaches woman to understand what the benefits are of each food and empowering them to make educated and intuitive choices around food and exercise. I love all of her links in with ancestral teachings, archetypes and the moon, but to top it off her humour and weird analogies – that make sense! ”
Steffi ~ London, UK

” Since learning in depth about my period and monthly flow I’ve been reflecting on my cycle and it’s been incredibly beneficial to finally understand and feel connected with my body. I’ve become more observant of the changes throughout my cycle and feel less anxious when my body experiences something out of alignment. I am so excited to implement the seasonal guides into my different phases and continue to support my menstrual cycle. I’m feeling more connected than ever – thank you Jema ”
Hannah ~ Brisbane, AUS

” You’ll love this program. Since I began following Jema’s food principles, nutritional support recommendations and implementing tracking my cycle my health has had huge transformative shifts. My skin rashes and blemishes have cleared, I have more energy and I’m finally in tune with when I’m getting my period. I never knew it would feel this good to feel connected and in tune with my body and it’s natural cycles.  I can’t imagine not living in sync now. ”
Laura ~ Gold Coast, AUS

” Well Woman is a definite need for women to learn how to nurture and support themselves, get in tune and identify and learn about their own needs to go with the flow. You have done this beautifully with so much love, compassion and awareness. Understanding connections on many levels and many styles and you teach this with a gifted passion that inspires self care and it is just waiting to expand! So grateful I said YES to joining you, I love the work you put into this. The hand outs and guides are brilliant. We’ve all benefited so much, the Live calls and interaction are amazing and now we can share this knowledge with others. Thank you Jema! ”
Helen ~ Gold Coast, AUS