How to find your passion, and run with it!

How to find your passion, and run with it!

Ever felt like there is more to you than just what you currently do with yourself. You know that feeling where you love what you do but it just doesn’t ooooze from you like it’s a sixth sense you’ve never been told about before.  This is EXACTLY how I felt when I was a swimwear designer!  Until I discovered how to find my passion and turn it into something I could do everyday.  Ready to find your passion and run with it?

Imagine it’s Tuesday. Just a regular Tuesday. You head to work, watch the clock count down till lunch, and then again till knock off. You’re feeling tired but don’t know what to make for dinner so you stop at the super market. You get home and eat dessert first switch on the TV and start to zone out. Then realise it’s almost 8pm and you still haven’t had dinner so you heat up the quickest thing you can find, eat and slowly your eyes start drifting as the TV plays in the background. Then comes Wednesday and your day looks much the same as Tuesday, Monday and most Thursdays.

Sound familiar?

Finding and following a passion can alone make huge shifts in your health and for some can completely shift their career too.


Try this exercise for yourself

How to Find your Passion: 

STEP 1:   Choose a number between 0-10 of your passion levels right now.

Closer your eyes and imagine the day described above, a regular Tuesday for yourself as a mum, dad, a worker, a carer, a teacher – which ever it is for you. Now rate your passion levels on this day out of 0 – 10 (10 being ecstatic!) and write it down.


STEP 2: 

Now imagine the exact same day as the day describe above however you don’t head to work. Instead you’re heading off on a holiday. (YAY) A trip you’ve been planning for some time and have dreamt about these exact moments. You’re on the plane, taking off down the runway, there’s no wifi or internet and you take a deep breathe and sigh of relaxation.

What’s your number? Write down your passion levels when you think of the above and being on a holiday from 0-10. 

For most the difference between Step 1 and Step 2 are so dramatically different. But do they need to be?

Imagine filling your day with your passions, the things you love to do, love to see, love to talk about, love to share. What many people don’t realise is that their passion is quiet often their purpose.

So, what’s your passion?

Still no idea – no stress!  
I use to have no idea myself until I did this next exercise myself and started asking more questions.


STEP 3:   Discover your passion by asking yourself these questions in one word:

  • What do I love to talk about with my friends?
  • When I have free ‘Googling’ time what is the first thing I Google?
  • What are my favourite things to look up on Pinterest?
  • What is the main theme of my Instagram and Facebook feeds?
  • If I was to buy a magazine what ‘type’ of magazine would it be?
  • What have the last 5 books you’ve read been about?

Can you see a theme starting to form?

Now take the written answers from above and re-read them.
Which ones give you the most joy?
Are these things you do regularly?
Potentially is it something you wish you could do more of?

Sounds to me like you’ve found something your passionate about. YAY!


What’s next:

1. Add more of this passion to your life, is this something you could incorporate into your life daily?
2. Share your passion with your family and friends, is this something you could do together?
3. You may already love your work/job which is fantastic – who know’s it may already be your passion! However if not start to look at ways you can turn your passion into a profit. That may be starting a part time hobby, turning that hobby into a part time business or collaboration with friends.


I’ll let you into a little secret – this is exactly how Wellsome started.  A little part time passion turned into my full time business (with part time hours).  

Want to discover if your passion can be turned profit? Book your 20 minute Free Discovery Session with me and let’s find out.


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