What Your PMS is Really Telling You

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Women all over the world dread a quarter of their cycle because of PMS. We’re taught from young ages that PMS is going to be a part of our lives and that we need to just accept it. I call BS! Instead of dreading it, fearing it and possibly even letting it control our lives, what if we started listening to it…

Despite what you might think or have been taught by others (marketing included), PMS isn’t a war between your body and you. Your body is not that b**** in the back of the classroom that pulls your hair when the teacher isn’t listening. If you’ve ever wondered:

why do I have PMS?
what do these PMS symptoms mean
Great news for you… this post will help you in understanding


The term PMS is possibly the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard. Pre-menstrual symptoms or pre-menstrual syndrome isn’t exclusive to the pre-menstrual stage. These signs are showing up in different ways throughout your entire cycle.

PMS – Pre Menstrual Symptoms (as medial world refers to it…)

My theory…PMS stands for: period messages of self-care

Instead, I prefer to refer to PMS as period messages of self-care. Think of your body as your best friend. Sometimes she has to give you tough love when you’re not looking after yourself, but she’s still always got your best interests at heart.

So instead of bitching about her behind her back, try and understand what she’s telling you. All she wants you to do is reconnect with her and understand what you need to care for both of you.


What your period signs mean…

Your body might be your bestie, but that doesn’t mean you always understand exactly what she’s on about! So let’s look at a couple of the most common period signs, and what they can me messages of.


Put simply, cramps are all about flow, or lack of. There can happen due to nutritional deficiencies and hormonal imbalances that can lead to cramping. But the underlying message for these is that somewhere in your life is lacking flow.

Think about your cramps as being like a neck spasm. How would you care for your neck if it was sore and spasming?

You’d probably do some gentle stretches or even some yoga to get it moving gently. You might pop a heat pack on it. Maybe you’ll even give it a gentle massage once it’s warmed up. All of these can be useful for menstrual cramps as well!

That being said, try to be aware if it’s only your period/bleeding time causing your cramps. Sometimes, I find that women have worse cramps because it’s a combination of their period and being incredibly bloated or constipated! Again, it comes back to flow. And sometimes cramps don’t just appear during the menstrual time of your cycle either so next time you feel cramps… what could these mean?


Of all of the PMS signs, food cravings can be the most complex, confusing and frustrating. These to can be nutritional or hormonal imbalances that lead to cravings. It’s important to know that our body needs different balances of nutrients during menstruation compared to ovulation, to luteal and follicular, which is why what you eat can (and should) look different each week.

But food cravings can also be emotional in nature too, no matter what point of your cycle you’re at. Are you using these foods to fill a void, or to escape thinking about an unpleasant situation? Is stress playing a role in your food choices, or are you just eating out of boredom?

No matter what the cause of your food cravings, it is a sign that you need to reconnect with your body. You don’t crave foods just because you’re lazy or unmotivated – there’s a message underneath the messages! LOVE getting to the bottom of craving messages with the Well Woman Community.

Headaches and migraines

I find headaches and migraines to be a precursor sign to cramping during menstruation. Just as cramps are about a lack of flow in the uterine area, headaches can be about lack of flow in the brain.

There can be nutritional and hormonal factors that lead to headaches and migraines. Some headaches can even indicate that there is pain or tension in other areas of the body, such as the neck. If you feel more stressed in the lead-up to your period, you could be inflicting headaches onto yourself by tensing your body up. Be aware is this a sign that’s just pre-menstrual, or do you get headaches throughout the month?


Most Importantly!

With ALL PMS signs it’s most important to be aware of how often the sign is popping up and occurring for you. Is it only through a particular time of your cycle? Does it occur every cycle or just sometimes? Have you noticed that when you change other elements of your life around that the sign changes too? One of the best ways to tune in and become aware of your signs behaviours is with cycle tracking. You can et my FREE Cycle Trackers here.

Start tuning in and listening to your body.
It’s always trying to talk to you, it just matters how well you’re listening!

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