Ahhhhhhh Ayyyyuuurrrr veda. Sounds kind of like a big sigh, “ahhhh” with a dash of darkveda. But infect this beautiful word unlocks many connections to self and what could just be a missing piece in our modern western health world.

I was first exposed to Ayurveda back in 2013 where in Bali I was on a healing journey to solving my leaky gut challenges. I was laying head up on a patience table as I waited to see the health therapist in Ubud.  Moments later an old Indian man showed his face above mine, with a bright burnt yellow turbo I was surprised like finding out you just started your menstrual cycle on swimming carnival day.

Ok a bit graphic, but I was surprised!

We sat and for what turned out to be hours we delved into India and the beautiful art of connection that Indian medicine holds, that now I know is strongly the missing piece in modern medicine. Big call I know, and there’s a few reasons why. Let me explain.

If you’re here reading this you’ve most likely already Googled Ayurveda, am I right! (don’t worry I’m not psychic) But it’s a buzz word right now and here’s why.

Ayurveda is the oldest eastern medicine known to man. It dates way back over 5000 years old which means it’s been treating, healing and balancing humans for way longer than medicines, surgery and supermarkets have been around.

Ayurveda the word originates from sanskrit, Indian text / language.

When people look at me with a blank face when I tell them I’m an Ayurveda Coach, “Huuuuuuh?” I say, have you heard of TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine? Well Ayurveda is like Traditional Indian Medicine.

You see, Ayurveda is based on understanding the laws of nature and how these laws relate and integrate to us as humans. Ayurveda looks and seeks to create balance and harmony for us all individually. Seeing us as a unique human it breaks down individuals to identify our own individual blueprint, through our body types, the elements, our emotions as well as our mental balance. Of course the list doesn’t stop there as there are many, many ways it identifies our current state of health but those are the most important.

What Ayurveda does that I believe is one of the biggest missing piece in today’s modern western health world (which in fact could make it the missing piece to your health too) is it’s approach to firstly identifying balance, but secondly to managing that imbalance.

Typically western/allopathic ways treat the symptom solely while Ayurveda dives deeper to rebalancing the cause of imbalance in the body which is not just in the physical body however crosses over to approach through mind, body and spirit.

Unlike today’s typical western allopathic approaches to health Ayurveda looks at health, and our health imbalances to not just cure or treat a singular symptom but rather to empower people to live a life in harmony with all things that impact our overall balance through mind, body and spirit.

Turning to nature, the seasons and a persons overall environment by addressing the contributing cause of an imbalance rather the singular symptom.

Think back to your last visit to a western medicine health practice. It may have been a doctor, a specialist or even a practitioner like a chiropractor or physiotherapist.

Today our western ways see a challenge and therefore aim to treat that challenge.

Through the Ayurvedic eye a challenge will be identified yet left unlabelled, and then followed with rebalancing and realigning techniques to rebalance and entire persons make up, not just that core challenge. How does Ayurveda do this? Through diet, lifestyle, movement and mindset, believe systems and embodying ways that have been taught for thousands of years.

Pritty cool yeah?

It’s the ultimate anti-bandaid treatment, but this isn’t a new thing it’s a 1000 years old thing that when you embody the practices, teachings and Ayurvedic ways to rebalance things just click and make sense.  Well, that’s what all of my clients say.

Is Ayurveda your missing health piece?

Go back and think about how you’ve been looking and viewing your health challenges be it either a sore knee, a throat tickle, a hormone imbalance, missing period or a chronic imbalance.

Have you been addressing this only nutritionally? Have you been only looking at the one part of the body? Could you look into how your current lifestyle and environment, your mindset and your thoughts could be impacting how you feel?

I’d love to here from you, drop me a comment below could Ayurveda be your missing health piece?



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