Gluten free breads, cereals, desserts and even sauces are just some of the products you’ll find in grocery stores health isle’s today. I’m sure you’ve all come across them as you’ve made your rounds around the store, but have you ever wonderd how these gluten free foods can influence and contribute to your health?  These are some of the common questions I get asked:

Will giving up gluten help me lose weight?

Can a gluten free diet provide me with extra nutrition?

What actually makes them different from sugar free and low fat options?


To begin understanding and grasp of gluten free benefits you should be aware that gluten is a protein synthesized from processed wheat (and grain) that is very often used as a stabilizing agent or filler. Given that 1 in 133 people are intolerant to gluten, it seems like a good option to give it up and go for healthy alternatives that not only satisfies making you feel leaner, healthy and more energised but it’s also been proven to save lives.

Have you ever had the feeling of toxicity, well Gluten toxicity can actually drive you mad. Gluten can attack your brain and cause mood swings and hyperactivity. Gluten may also impede on your balance and trigger autoimmune problems (multiple sclerosis, lupus, arthritis, infertility). Gluten can literally kill you slowly, especially if you don’t stick to gluten free food diet if diagnoised with celiac disease. Considering that 10% of the global population don’t know they have it, it could literally mean the difference between living and loving life and a slow walk to your death bed. Aside from the aforementioned, gluten free benefits also include minimization of gastrointestinal discomfort as well as improved vitality.


Gluten Free and Weight Loss

Weight loss is one reason a lot of people adapt a gluten free diet however this is not one of the immediate gluten free benefits.  Achieving weight loss is very possilble when going gluten free however this is no quick fix solution to droping weight.  Going gluten free is a lifestyle and diet behavioural change that provides you with long term health benefits well into the future, allowing you to shred weight over a period of time and keep it off. If you experience a lot of unpleasant and unexplainable symptoms, going gluten free may just be your ticket to a more comfortable and longer life.


Going Gluten Free

Everyone is different but it generally takes about 6 to 8 weeks to see improvements in your well-being, your overall energy levels, mood and much more. If you believe this is the right jounrey for you come with me and let’s give up this gluten glue.  As a gluten free coach I’m here to guide and support you every step of the way towards making the right decisions to ensure you not only feel fantastic but alive too.  I’ve personally been on this jounrey myself so I know first hand how it feels and what you’re going through.

If you’re going gluten free unguided, I recommend keeping a diary of your daily intake as well as your experiences while making the transition into a gluten free lifestyle so you have a clear reference of how well you’re adapting.

For more education on going gluten free or perhaps working with me as a Gluten Free Coach and Mentor click here >


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