Why Undieting Is THE Diet You Need This Year

by | Feb 6, 2019 | Holistic Health, Wellsome

There’s a new diet trend that comes out every year. A couple of years ago, it was Paleo. Then it was raw vegan. Last year was keto. No doubt there will be another one this year. But this year, I want to make undieting the diet that everyone follows.

And why wouldn’t you? Undieting is the way to eat food you enjoy, to nourish your body, and to feel freedom around food. As the name implies, it’s the opposite of a diet. So let’s look at why it’s time to boot the fad diets and embrace the undiet.


Why Don’t Diets Work?

It’s in the name – diets die. When you go on a diet, the changes you’re making already have an expiry date. You’re going to make those changes for 7 days, or 28 days, or even 12 weeks. But it’s not sustainable. At some point, you’re going to stop the diet, and then what happens?

Usually what happens is that you go right back to how you were eating originally. If anything, you go on a bender of everything you couldn’t eat during your diet.

Your Body Isn’t A Clock

People eat as part of a routine. If they don’t eat breakfast at 7am, lunch at 12pm and dinner at 6pm, everything goes out the door. But your body isn’t a clock, so how can you expect to eat based on one?

Specific times for food is a relatively new concept. Our ancestors would eat when they were hungry and when food was available to eat. But when a diet tells you to eat 3 times a day, or 6 mini-meals, or whatever the rule is, it’s forcing you to feed yourself based on a clock.

The truth is that there is no one ‘best’ time to eat food. Every day is different, based on your body’s needs. You might eat breakfast at 7am on weekdays, but 9am on weekends. If you go on holiday, it might be a 10.30am brunch.

A cookie-cutter approach to food is not going to cut it. What you choose to eat should based on what best suits your body first and then your lifestyle. Anyone who tells you otherwise is probably selling you a diet plan! (that won’t work long term).

Not to mentioned nearly all “diet’s” created were done so by men, with the males 24hr body cycle in mind and based on male experiences. You’re a woman, you run on a 28 day body cycle and every day when it comes to food will look unique different for you – and so it should! You’re unique!

What Is Undieting?

So if dieting isn’t the answer, let’s look at undieting instead.
My prediction for the 2019 diet trend… hehe

Undieting is eating food that is in tune with your body.
You allow your body to guide you to what it wants.

This way of eating is ideal for the female body, because every day of a woman’s cycle is different. How you can best nourish your body depends on how you move, your stress levels, what you’re doing on a given day, if you’re juggling kids, running a corporate company, traveling, studying and it goes on.

I like to say that food should vary like nature varies. Sometimes it’s dry, sometimes it’s moist. It changes with the seasons. Your environment changes every single day, so your food should change as well.

Imagine you’re a banana!

If you’re on a diet, you might say to yourself ‘I can’t have the banana, it’s too high in sugar’ or whatever the percieved reason is. You then spend all day craving this banana. You eat everything you can that’s ‘compliant’ with your ‘diet’, but nothing satisfies you. In the end, you most likely cave and eat the banana, then only to beat yourself up for ‘breaking the diet’. And it’s just a god damn banana!

But if you’re undieting, you seek to understand that craving.

Maybe you’re dehydrated, low in curtain vitamins and minerals, or maybe your body wants to refuel with some natural sugars. Or perhaps this craving is an emotional craving? Either way, you devour the banana. And then you can go about your day.

Undieting gives you the freedom, flexibility and fluidity of having different foods. Of course, if you have a genuine allergy, you won’t want to eat that particular food! But aside from that, nothing is off-limits or restricted. You’re allowing your body to guide you to what it needs.

Nothing in nature rushes, but everything still gets done.

A diet approach looks for quick results, like shredding for the wedding. But how are you going to eat afterwards is what I care about? Will you keep restricting and cutting out your favourite foods forever? Or will you go back to your original habits? You simple can’t maintain the same body without the same level of effort.

The focus of undieting is to find and discover an approach that best supports your body and health for the long-term. No quick fixes here – just lifelong wellness.


How To Start Undieting Today

Ready to embrace the undiet?
Here’s how you can get started.

1. Start listening to your body

All of the answers are within you. So it’s time to notice how your body feels. How do you feel after eating something? Does it give you plenty of energy, or do you feel sluggish?

Your body sends out so many messages about what is going on. Things like bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, low energy, hormonal issues and cravings are all ways of your body saying something needs to be tweaked. Your body is talking to you, start listening!

2. Know what you’re eating

When you eat something out of a packet, do you know what’s in it? Do you know what the numbers and the sciency words mean? Or are you eating it without fully understanding what it may be, and could do to you?

100 years ago, we could eat food without worrying because it was food that came from the earth. But nowadays, food manufacturers can add all sorts of additives into food. (trust me I know, I worked in this industry for 7 years) The responsibility is on us as consumers to know whether we want that in the food we eat or not.

Think of your body as your house. You wouldn’t let someone come inside with filthy muddy shoes. So why are you letting chemicals and artificial ingredients that can make a mess in your body?.

3. Be realistic

You can’t rush a health goal. If it takes you 10 years to put on 20kg, it isn’t safe, healthy or achievable to lose it in 10 weeks. Start looking at how you want to feel in your body for years to come. Then set goals to keep you on track for that outcome.

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